Pots in small spaces

Pots in small spaces

The renovation and a modern revamp of a grand Paddington terrace house for a large family meant that every space was carefully considered including the garden. The entry level of the residence was opened up and spilt into two levels with the garden doing the same to cater for the sloping nature of the site. The brief was a tricky one with the space having to accommodate off street parking for a 4WD size car, play space for children, adults entertaining, bin storage and plunge pool and enough greenery to soften the built elements.

At the rear of the pool a cluster of large contemporary cylinder pots with contrasting plantings provides extra greenery and hides a bin storage area. The pots were  chosen over planting in-ground because they can be moved if needed making the space more flexible for the families needs.

Three wide steps of the deck lead down to a multipurpose synthetic lawn area that functions as the kids play space or car-parking area. Two mature Kentia palms were replanted to add greenery and a canopy of fronds over. Bamboo adds further softness along the side boundary and will grow tall to screen the neighbours.

A palette of charcoal, soft greys and whites has created a calming yet very functional space for a busy family.

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